64-bit and 32-bit Architecture

64-bit architecture on both Windows and Macintosh allows increased memory usage and larger waves and datasets. 32-bit applications are still available on both platforms. If you're using a 64-bit operating system (most users are), you can use either the 32-bit or 64-bit application, depending on your needs.



Igor Pro 7 supports high resolution Retina displays on Macintosh and will soon support 4K displays on Windows. Icons and text are the proper size and Igor Control Panels scale up or down in size as expected with little programmer effort. Windows users should execute the following command on Igor's command line for more information:

DisplayHelpTopic "Control Panel Resolution on Windows"

Improved Undo/Redo

Unlimited undo/redo all procedure code and notebook editing, and for most interactive graph and layout adjustments.


Unicode Text

Igor Pro 7 uses Unicode internally, improving the rendering of mathematical symbols and foreign characters.


Camera Control

View live video and capture images from supported hardware cameras.


More Built-in Functionality

  • Most data file manipulation functionality previously provided by XOPs is now built-in.
    • XLLoadWave (load Excel files)
    • MLLoadWave* (load Matlab MAT files)
    • JCAMPLoadWave (load JCAMP-DX spectroscopy data)
    • GBLoadWave (load general binary data)
    • SoundLoadWave and SoundSaveWave (load and save sound files)

 * Requires Matlab 2010b or later.

  • Furthermore, functionality provided by the following Igor Pro 6 XOPs is now built in:
    • Gizmo
    • Data Browser
    • Interpolate2
    • GetInputState
    • HFSAndPosix (Macintosh only)

Over 40 New Built-in Commands


  • Wave Manipulation
    • SplitWave, FindDuplicates, SortColumns
    • ListToTextWave, ListToWaveRefWave, and WaveRefWaveToList (convert list based text to and from waves)
  • Analysis
    • JointHistogram (computes 2D, 3D, and 4D joint histograms)
    • SumSeries, SumDimension, FindContour, DPSS, MultiTaperPSD 
    • ICA (Independent component analysis)
  • Programming
    • URLRequest (gets and posts data from/to web servers, including SSL/TLS encryption)
    • GetEnvironmentVariable, SetEnvironmentVariable, and UnsetEnvironmentVariable (reading and setting the values of environment variables)
  • Mathematics
    • LambertW, gammaEuler, sinIntegral, cosIntegral, expIntegralE1, zeta, Dilogarithm
    • Jacobi elliptic functions JacobiSn and JacobiCn

Help→Contact Support Menu Item

Need to report a bug (or request support)? Select the new Help→Contact Support menu item to generate a template in your default email client that contains some information about your Igor Pro version and system information. Just fill in the email with a description of your problem and steps to reproduce and hit Send.


File→Start Another Igor Pro Instance Menu Item

Quickly start another instance of Igor Pro by selecting the File→Start Another Igor Pro Instance menu item. There's no longer any need to duplicate your Igor Pro bundle or use complicated system commands on Macintosh.