Igor Pro 8 Frequently Asked Questions

This page covers common questions about Igor Pro 8. The material below may not yet be incorporated into the help files that come with Igor Pro.

Why is the Macintosh version of Igor Pro 8 64-bit only? Will there be a 32-bit version?

Apple has announced that High Sierra (macOS 10.13) will be the "last macOS release to support 32-bit apps without compromise". Because of this, and the fact that the vast majority of our Igor Pro 7 Macintosh users are already using the 64-bit Igor application, we have dropped the 32-bit Macintosh application for Igor Pro 8. Unless you are using a 32-bit only XOP on Macintosh this change should not affect you.

On Windows, the Igor Pro 8 installer installs both 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

Obsolete Questions

These questions are no longer relevant. If you observe the behavior described, you should update to the latest release.