20 New Operations, Functions, and Options

For example, the new ImageSkeleton3D operation computes the skeleton of a 3D binary object by "thinning". Thinning is a layer-by-layer erosion until only the "skeleton" of an object remains.

In this example, the red structure shows the input to the ImageSkeleton3D operation and the blue structure the output.

Red shows a Z projection of a series of confocal images acquired from a dye-filled cerebellar Purkinje cell. Blue shows a Z projection of the "skeleton" of this neuron, calculated using the ImageSkeleton3D operation. Original filled cell data courtesy of A. Hayar, D. Pierce and K. Light.


New Dialogs

Added 14 interactive dialogs for image analysis operations, such as the Particle Analysis and Line Profile dialogs shown here.


Automatic Multithreading

When possible, computations are automatically done in parallel for a number of image processing operations, including ImageInterpolate, ImageLineProfile, ImageThreshold, ImageEdgeDetection, ImageRestore, ImageFilter, ImageBlend, ImageStats, and ImageRotate.