Multiple Pages

Page layouts can now contain multiple pages. The different pages in a layout are shown in a new page sorter that appears on the left side of the layout window. Pages can be added and removed using the LayoutPageAction operation, or the controls at the bottom of the page sorter. You can also reorder the pages in a layout by dragging and dropping them in the page sorter. 

You can export the pages in a layout to a single PDF document using the SavePict operation with the /PGR flag.


Layout Slide Show Mode

Page layouts can now be displayed in a full screen slide show using the LayoutSlideShow operation. This feature is intended for the convenient full-screen presentation of Igor graphics and results, or can be used to run Igor in a standalone kiosk mode. Various settings can be adjusted using the LayoutSlideShow operation or the Layout Slide Show dialog. The optional "Presenter's view" is shown here.