Igor Pro 6 and QuickTime for Windows

With the recently announced security vulnerabilities in QuickTime for Windows, some of our users have asked us to specify the Igor Pro 6 Windows features that require QuickTime for Windows to be installed. 


Two security vulnerabilities in QuickTime for Windows were recently discovered, and it is reported that Apple considers QuickTime for Windows to be deprecated and will no longer provide security updates for this product. The only mitigation to these newly discovered vulnerabilities available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows. Apple provides instructions for doing so on its Uninstall QuickTime 7 for Windows page.


Igor Pro 6 on Windows optionally uses QuickTime to provide additional features related to loading and saving some types of sound, image, and video files. Specifically, QuickTime is required on Windows for the following features:


  • Importing image files of the following types using the ImageLoad operation or the Load Image dialog: PICT, GIF, Photoshop, Silicon Graphics, BMP and Targa.
  • The ImageFileInfo operation. Because this operation requires QuickTime, it will return an error if QuickTime is not installed.
  • Saving image files using the ImageSave operation except for raw PNG and TIFF files without color tables. The /IGOR flag must be used in order to save TIFF files when QuickTime is not installed.
  • Saving a picture file representing an Igor window using the SavePICT operation or Save Graphics dialog with the /T flag. SavePICT without the /T flag does not require QuickTime.


  • Loading and saving sound files using the SndLoadSaveWave XOP that ships with Igor Pro 6 requires QuickTime on Windows. This XOP provides the SndLoadWave, SndSaveAIFF, SndSaveWAV operations and LoadWAVfile and SaveWAVfile operations. If you uninstall QuickTime, you can load simple .WAV files into Igor 6 using the LoadWAVfile.xop. To use LoadWAVfile.xop you must first remove SndLoadSaveWave.xop.


  • Creating QuickTime movies using NewMovie. NewMovie can create AVI movies on Windows if the /A flag is used. Creating AVI movies dos not require QuickTime.
  • Playing any type of movie within Igor Pro using the PlayMovie operation requires QuickTime. However, the PlayMovie operation is able to open movie files outside of Igor Pro in your default movie viewing program, which is typically Windows Media Player.

The above information about Igor Pro 6 applies specifically to Igor Pro 6.37 and later. Prior versions of Igor Pro 6 may use QuickTime for Windows in slightly different ways. Igor Pro 6.37 is a free update to all Igor Pro 6 license holders. The latest version of Igor Pro can be downloaded from http://www.wavemetrics.net/.


The 64-bit version of Igor Pro 6 and all versions of Igor Pro 7 Beta do not and have never used QuickTime for Windows to provide any functionality. Also, the QuickTime for Windows installer prevented installations on a machine running Windows 10. Therefore, if you are using Windows 10 or one of the versions of Igor Pro that does not use QuickTime for Windows at all, your use of Igor Pro should not be affected if you choose to uninstall QuickTime.

Igor Pro 7 Beta provides built-in support for some of the features for which Igor Pro 6 requires QuickTime for Windows. If you only need these features, you may wish to sign up to be a beta tester for Igor Pro 7 Beta. Specifically, Igor Pro 7 Beta supports:

  • Importing BMP image files using ImageLoad or the Load Image dialog
  • Saving image files as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, and raw PNG using the ImageSave operation (the /IGOR flag is no longer required)
  • Loading and saving sound files using the new built-in SoundLoadWave and SoundSaveWave operations

If you have further questions on this matter, please contact support@wavemetrics.com.

Igor Pro 7 Beta Progress Report 2

Today we released another beta version, Igor Pro 7 Beta 5, and more than doubled the number of testers in our beta program. We took a pause from new releases over the holidays, but we've been busy fixing bugs and adding some new features during that time.

If you have signed up to be a beta tester before today (at http://www.igorpro.net/beta-signup/) and you haven't received an email with information on how to access the beta version, one of the following has probably happened:

  1. Our email to you got caught up in a spam filter somewhere. Invitation emails come from news@wavemetrics.com. Please check your spam/junk mailbox to see if the message is there. Also, please make sure that you've added news@wavemetrics.com to your whitelist or contacts list so it doesn't get blocked in the future.
  2. The serial number/activation key you provided on the signup form wasn't for a valid license. In order to be a beta tester, you must have provided information for a valid Igor 6 English license that is registered to or associated with you or your institution. Special Coursework licenses are not considered a valid license for purposes of the beta test unless the license is registered to the user who signed up to beta test. If you're using a pirated license, someone else's license, or you're a student using a Special Coursework license, you're not eligible to be a beta tester.

If you've only recently received an invitation to be a beta tester, we thank you for your patience. We've had overwhelming response to the beta program and wanted to make sure that we're able to keep up with bug reports that come in from current beta testers before we add new testers.

Igor Pro 7 Beta Progress Report 1

It's been just over a month since the beta program for Igor Pro 7 started, and I thought I'd report on some of the progress that we've made.

So far we've released 3 beta versions, with Igor Pro 7 Beta 4 released today. Each beta release represents over 150 changes, many of which are fixes for bugs and crashes reported by our beta testers.

Speaking of beta testers, you guys and gals are awesome! Over 25% of you have directly contacted us to provide feedback or ask a question. We appreciate your feedback, and Igor Pro 7 has greatly improved because of your suggestions. If you're a beta tester and haven't been in touch, we'd love to hear about your experience using Igor Pro 7 Beta.

As of today, we've added more than 250 new beta testers to the Igor Pro 7 Beta program. This almost doubles the number of beta testers, and we still have hundreds more that have signed up to be testers. For those of you who have signed up to be beta testers but have not yet been invited to try Igor Pro 7 Beta, we appreciate your patience.

If you haven't done so already, now is a great time to purchase your Igor Pro 7 upgrade while it's still available at our current pricing. Igor Pro also makes a great holiday present for any of your friends or family members who love analyzing data and making beautiful plots.

Igor Pro 7 Beta Testing Has Started

I'm excited to announce that we've officially started the beta testing program for Igor Pro 7. All of our original technology preview testers who signed up to be beta testers, as well as several new testers, have all been sent an email with information about how to access Igor Pro 7 Beta.

We'll be slowly inviting additional users to the beta program so that we're able to remain responsive and fix newly reported bugs quickly, so if you haven't already received an invitation, we haven't forgotten about you. Thanks for your patience!

If you haven't signed up to beta test yet, we're still accepting signups for beta testers on our Be A Beta Tester page. 

Welcome to Our New Igor Pro Website

We hope you enjoy using our new Igor Pro website, here at www.igorpro.net. We've designed this modern website to be both desktop and mobile friendly so you get the best experience regardless of the device you're using. We've also tried to display the beauty of our home here in the Northwest by showing some of our own pictures from nearby locations, including Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Jefferson, and the Oregon coast.

We'll be regularly blogging and posting news updates here in the News section as well as on our social media accounts. Please subscribe to our email newsletter if you'd like to receive news and product update announcements.

Our existing websites at www.wavemetrics.com and www.wavemetrics.net will continue to operate and to host the content they have provided before. If you need full information on Igor Pro 6 or any of our other products, or if you want to download an Igor 6 installer, you'll find it on one of our other sites. To purchase Igor Pro or any of our other products, you'll still use our orders page on wavemetrics.com as well.